5 Interesting Sports You Can Play With Your Dog

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Got an active four-legged companion that needs to be kept busy? Perhaps you want to go out and do exciting things with your dog more? Maybe it’s time to engage in a new sport that is beneficial to both of you.

If you’re looking for the best fitness motivation, look no further—the answer may just be the furry creature sitting next to you! Staying in shape with your dog fosters stronger relationships and offers physical and mental stimulation, all of which contribute to optimal health.

To keep your dog’s tail wagging and help you create unforgettable moments that’ll last a lifetime, we compiled exciting sports that you can try with your pet today, depending on their energy level.

For high-energy dogs

Dogs that fall in this category seem to never run out of energy. Always active and curious, high-energy dogs should never be left bored and stuck indoors since they constantly need an avenue to channel their energy. High-energy dog breeds include Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, Border Collie, Vizsla, and German Shepherd.


If you live an active lifestyle, you’ll be thankful to have a high-energy pooch by your side. Not only does hiking serve as a fun way to spend quality time with your dog, but it also provides many health benefits for both of you. In addition, it keeps your pup away from boredom, which can trigger destructive behavior at home. Since hiking involves walking and running for hours and a versatile terrain, bet believe your dog will have fun expending more energy and checking out the beauty of nature!

Likewise, if you have a four-legged friend who’s scared of car rides, taking them to regular hikes can shake off outdoor jitters and increase their enthusiasm for trips and nature.


Dog Agility is one of the fastest-growing dog sports for a few good reasons: it’s fun, challenging, and exciting! This sport requires a handler to direct the dog through an obstacle course in a race. The dog runs off unleashed and with no toys and food as incentives, and the handler is not allowed to pet the dog or move the obstacles. As the handler, your controls are limited to verbal commands, movement, and body signals.

Like any sport, Dog Agility can be trained and competed at various levels. It can be enjoyed as a hobby or a competitive sport wherein you and your dog compete at national competitions. Sheepdogs, small terriers, and Border Collies are famous breeds in dog agility competitions, but Dog Agility can be practiced with any high-energy, highly trainable breed.

For medium-energy dogs

Dogs with medium-energy levels best fit owners who are moderately active. They require a mix of moderate physical and mental stimulation daily to maintain good health, but they are not as demanding as high-energy dogs. In addition, dogs of this activity level are usually low maintenance, making them ideal for busy families. Most popular medium-energy dog breeds include Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, Shiba Inu, and Whippet.


Never hit the links alone again! Did you know that some golf courses allow dogs inside? Now, there’s no stopping you from having fun in the sun with your best bud!

If you’re ready to let your dog tag along with you to a golf course, there are a few things to prepare. First, keep your pooch leashed the whole time. Other people may swoon over your four-legged friend’s irresistible cuteness, but some people may be afraid of dogs. Having a dog running around is not what they signed up for, so make sure to keep your dog leashed all the time. Keep the other end of the leash on your golf bag so your belongings and your pup will never leave your sight.

And remember the golden rule when having fun outside: your dog poops, you scoop! No one loves taking a leisurely walk across the well-manicured greens then stepping in a dogpile.

Encourage your dog to be active by walking around and tossing a tennis ball and letting them catch it.

Nose Work

If your dog has an extraordinary sense of smell, then the canine nose work can put their skills to the test. Also known as Scent Work, it’s one of the newest sports that’s becoming increasingly popular among owners and their pooches. It’s a challenging yet fun sport that mimics the job of working detection dogs to detect an odor, such as narcotics, and let the handler know that the smell has been located.

You’ll still play an essential role as a handler even though your dog will do most of the work since it is you who’ll help build a reliable indication and treat your dog when they’ve found the scent.

It’s the perfect sport to boost an anxious dog’s confidence and enhance mental stimulation. Get started in the sport by finding a local Scent Work club or practicing it at home.

For low-energy dogs

Low-energy dogs are synonymous with couch potatoes. They are generally calm, making them great pets for busy people who have limited time for morning walks and individuals who live in small apartments. Some famous low-energy dog breeds are Basset Hound, Pekingese, Pug, Shih Tzu, Chow Chow, Bulldog, and Sussex Spaniel.


Doga is the combination of the best two things in the world: yoga and dogs. As its name suggests, it means practicing yoga with your furry friend. Many fur parents find Doga a great way to stay in shape while spending quality time with their pup.

Doga appeals to a canine’s instinct to stretch, which helps improve their joint health and flexibility. Doga is beneficial for dogs recovering from injury and adult dogs to lessen their risk of arthritis and ACL injuries. A daily dose of downward dog and planks can help improve you and your dog’s flexibility.

Another benefit of Doga is that it helps curb stress and anxiety. In fact, enrolling in a Doga class can help anxious dogs gain confidence in a soothing environment where dogs and their owners practice the exercise together.

Closing thoughts

Dogs are deemed as our best friends—and our best friends simply deserve the best.

By introducing a new sport, you can enhance your pet’s overall health, improve your bond together, and enjoy hours of unlimited fun!

Remember to consult your local veterinarian first before engaging in a new physical activity to ensure that your pet is physically and mentally fit for the sport.

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