Doga: Why it’s the Best Fitness Activity to Keep You and Your Dog In Shape

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With more and more people realising the fun and health benefits of doing physical activities with their pets comes the rapid rise of Doga. Also known as dog yoga, this activity allows dog owners to perform yoga poses and have a moment of relaxation with their four-legged companions.

While performing Doga, humans and their furry friends work as one—dog parents help their dogs pull off different poses and, in some instances, pooches become instruments or props while their human counterparts perform their poses.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog active, healthy, and fit, doga may be the best fitness activity to incorporate into your pet’s exercise regimen. Of course, you may be already aware of some of the benefits of regular yoga practice, like better relaxation and posture. But the thing is, practicing it with your pet unlocks a multitude of advantages. Therefore, we’ve rounded up a few benefits to encourage you to do it today with your pet.

Better bonding

Health benefits aside, you and your four-legged friend benefit from the quality time you spend together. Sparing 30 minutes of your time daily with your pooch boosts feelings of trust, security, connection, and togetherness. When you both have a deeper bond and relationship, it’s also likely you’re helping your dog minimise or control bad behavior.

Enhances relaxation

Relaxation has become a luxury in a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle, leaving barely time for meditation and exercise on weekdays. Most of the time, you arrive home late at night so exhausted that you don’t have the energy to spare your furry friend some belly rubs and kisses.

Little do people know, dogs are sensitive to stress and can easily pick up if humans are stressed. With Doga, you and your dog can unwind, relax, and detach yourselves from stressors.

Likewise, Doga is also great to practice with hyperactive dogs to help them calm down. The exercise part of Doga can help use some of your pooch’s energy, while massage and stretching help make your dog calmer.

Brings fun and joy

Doga is a fun, exciting activity, and adding your pooch into the game makes it more enjoyable. So if you and your furry friend have been a bit bored of the usual walk, then today might be the perfect time to try Doga.

Improves socialisation  

As a dog parent, by now, you should know how socialisation is a vital part of your dog’s life. They are highly social creatures, meaning they thrive when interacting with other people and their furry friends.

By joining local Doga classes, your dog can make new friends and bond with them. Likewise, you can meet like-minded dog owners and create meaningful relationships with them, too. If you can manage to attend an in-person Doga class weekly, you and your dog can relish in a better sense of relaxation and socialisation.

Consequently, Doga can help anxious dogs who grew with little to no companionship to become more confident with strangers. However, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian first before bringing your dog to an unfamiliar area.


Our dogs are our best friends; therefore, they only deserve the best things in life. By introducing Doga, you can help boost your dog’s overall wellness, improve unwanted behaviors, and enjoy happy moments together.

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