Dog Holiday Packing List

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Dolly and I love to just head off for a little trip when the weather is good and enjoy our lovely Norfolk countryside and the 40 beaches we have nearby. There’s always so much to remember when you go away even for just a day, but here’s our handy guide to what essentials to pack for your dog’s health and wellbeing when you travel.

  1. Check that all details are up to date on your dogs microchip and vaccinations.
  2. Pack any doggy medications.
  3. Write your dog’s microchip number in a notes file on your phone along with your vets name and number.
  4. Check out a local vets details and stash that in your phone, just in case.
  5. In your vehicle, make sure your dog is safe and secure in a car harness, travel crate or dog guard with plenty of ventilation
  6. Pack your dog’s bowls (metal bowls are more hygienic) and give your dog fresh water at regular intervals. . Did you know fresh water can now be bought in cans or cardboard boxes? #nomoreplasticbottles
  7. Take plenty of compostable poop bags and a tub with a lid to pop in used bags until you can dispose of them properly.
  8. Car travel for dogs
  9. Long and short lead and two collars ( in case one breaks). I also pack a harness.
  10. Temporary name tag with your holiday accommodation on it and your mobile number.
  11. Cool Coat – as Dolly is a Frenchie, this is critical bit of kit for us to keep her cool. In emergency a cold wet towel can be tucked under your dogs collar to cool them down.
  12. Brush, Doggy Towel and cleaning products and why not some Salty Sea Dog Shampoo Bar to keep them fresh?
  13. Doggy First Aid Kit: I love this one from Pawly Pets which has over 40 items to help in emergencies.
  14. Doggy Bed and blankets. Pack something snuggly and something light as weather can change and often nights can come very cool.
  15. Your dog’s enrichment toys. And here’s a handy pack of essentials I’ve put together just for doggy travels, that all fit in one bag.  Enrichment Travel Pack for Doggy Holidays 

Dog Friendly Beach Guide

The UK has some amazing beaches, and a lot of them are dog friendly, but not all year round. The Beach Guide has researched which beaches are dog friendly and where dogs are banned to save you a wasted journey. We’re lucky in Norfolk to have over 40 beaches to choose from! This makes Dolly and I very happy and if one is busy, we can pop along to the next one!

Herbal help for travelling pooches

Some dogs are poor travellers, luckily Dorwest – the experts in herbal pet care have some products to help.

Their  Digestive Tablets can be given an hour or so before setting off. This will help settle the stomach before travelling. If travel sickness is anxiety based then their Scullcap & Valerian Tablets can be used in two doses in the 12 hours prior to travelling.

In many cases it is better to work on anxiety based problems several months before travelling to help build confidence and this is especially useful with dogs which have had a problem for a while. 

Discovering new places might mean your dog may eat something unfamiliar or drink too much sea water. For upset tummies so make sure you pack Tree Barks Powder, which can soothe any upset.

Ensure your pet has the best experience when you travel together with our 6 tips.

Happy Holidays!

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