Product review: Dolly looking dapper in her Trespaws Dogby Down Coat

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It’s a lovely September day. Autumn is definitely here.  Is this what they call an Indian Summer?

Apparently in 1916 the Met Office Meteorological Glossary published their definition of an Indian Summer as ‘a warm, calm spell of weather occurring in autumn, especially in October and November’. So yes, that’s what we’re having then, an Indian Summer. It’s a perfect day to try out Dolly’s new ‘Dogby’ ultra-lightweight down dog jacket from Trespaws. 

We headed off in the campervan to our favourite picnic spot. The sky was bright blue and a few fluffy clouds drifted by making it feel more like June than October. It was so warm in the sunshine but there was a definite chill in the air as we parked up and prepared to go for a walk.

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Dogby Down Dog Coat

What is the Dogby Down Coat made of?

This gorgeous red dog jacket is filled with natural down. According to the label, 90% down and 10% feathers. It even came with a little clear plastic tag containing some of the filling so you can see it.  

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How does the Dogby Down Coat fit on a French Bulldog?

The coat has funky little pawprint poppers over a zipper. It was a bit fiddly putting it on, but that’s because Dolly was eager to get going so nothing to do with the design.  She is a funny shape as she’s a French Bulldog, all chest and a tiny waist, but the coat fit her well and didn’t leave too much of a gap and a draft. There’s also a handy zippable hole for accessing her harness. 

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Does the Dogby Down Coat allow free movement for your dog?

It claims to be ultra-lightweight, and it is literally as light as a feather.  I don’t think Dolly really noticed she was even wearing it. Unlike some of her other coats that are bulky and stiff, this was super soft and flexible so she could easily move her legs freely and galavant about.

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Overall verdict for the Dogby Down Coat

Overall we LOVE this coat.  The wrap-around style worked really well.  It did get soaked on our walk, but soon dried out on the wing mirror whilst I had a cup of tea and we shared a biscuit. 

It’s a huge paws up from Dolly and I.

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Click here to buy the Dogby Down Jacket and see the other fabulous doggy wear from Trespaws.

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