12 Easy Low Light Loving Indoor Plants To Brighten Your Home

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Are your houseplants giving up the ghost one after the other? No matter what you buy, it just withers and wastes away and instead of lush green leaves you have a brown mush in a pot.

I bet your mouse is hovering over the ‘buy now’ button for a fake plant? Well, hold fire! Rather than going for plastic here’s a list of 12 fantastic, sturdy, undemanding houseplants that will survive even the worst plant keepers.

These indoor plants are happy in low light and add not just a touch of greenery; they make us feel good both intellectually and physically. They stimulate our state of mind, reduce pressure, purify indoor air by absorbing pollution.

Easy to Maintain Indoor Plants

I know that maintaining indoor houses can be difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be! There are some simple tips for easy maintenance of your plants inside the house with less effort on your part. These include: watering them when they need it (most people overwater), fertilising when necessary (overfertilising will kill the plant), and trimming any dead leaves or stems. Read on for my favourite plants and the information about how easy it is to take care of them!


Philodendrons are best placed in hanging basket which makes for a dizzying foliage display. Often, they are prized for their ability to purify the air. Philodendrons do not need a lot of water and prefer to be very dry between a good watering.

Make Your Houseplants Happy! (2021)
Make Your Houseplants Happy! (2021)
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The Golden Pothos

Also called “Devil’s Ivy,” this plant is nevertheless more of a divine miracle than of the Antichrist. Not only does it like to feel cramped, and there is no risk of death by accidentally choosing a pretty but too small pot to put it in. Also, it does not need direct light, and you just need to water it occasionally when the soil is dry. I love this one. It’s called “Happy Leaf“.

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The ZZ plant

A strange name, certainly, but its maintenance is very simple as it doesn’t not even need a particularly bright room. Watering? It would rather you didn’t water it too much, so only water it after making sure the soil is completely dry. The rest of the time, just admire at it, and give yourself a pat on the back for knowing how to take care of a plant.

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Silver Crassula

The Silver Crassula is sometimes referred to as a “friendship tree,” “lucky plant,” or “money tree.” It sounds like a plant that it would be good to have around, right? The Silver Crassula has small pink and white flowers. Since it is a succulent plant, it does not need a lot of water—plan to water it once a week in the summer and once every two weeks in the winter. If exposed to a large amount of light, then the leaves ends may turn a warm shade of red, creating a colourful effect.

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The spider plant

The spider plant is one of the well-known detox plants. It removes toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene present in the air. The spider plant is simple easy to grow, even for beginners. It grows very well, even without regular maintenance. Perfect if you are new to plants. Provide it as much light as possible, but no direct sunlight. Water when the soil is dry. If the temperature rises above 20° C, it would like to cool down by misting it’s leaves please. Oh and cats love to play with it and have a nibble as it’s mildly hallucinogenic for them!

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Watermelon Peperomia

As the name suggests, this beautiful plant resembles the famous fruit you know, the watermelon. The leaves are green and rounded with stripes reminiscent of this must-have summer fruit. It has a kind of 3D effect. This plant is ideal for bringing the sun into your interior. It will be perfect for your kitchen and your dining room. The Peperomia watermelon produces small, pretty flowers when grown outdoors. However, you rarely find them in houseplants. Perhaps it is the lack of sun or fresh air that prevents them from thriving. Either way, these green leaves are pretty, and the plant is easy to care for.


Boston fern

Ferns are the ultimate houseplant. With this so-called Boston variety, you can enjoy the greenery in your interior. However, this plant requires a little special maintenance. It needs a lot of water and, at the same time, humidity to thrive. Therefore, it would be best if you placed it in a cool place that is not accessible to intense sunlight. The bathroom is always a popular location. If you provide it with the necessary humidity it will reward you with luscious green foliage.

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The Cast Iron plant

This beautiful plant is of Asian origin and is safe for cats and dogs. The Cast Iron plant ( Aspidistra) is from the lily family. It produces pretty purple flowers, although they are not always visible. Indeed, they tend to hide under the large foliage at ground level. This plant is distinguished by the dark green color of its long leaves. It is solid and does not require natural light, and it doesn’t need a lot of water to survive.


The Chinese Evergreen

This species of houseplant is well-known for its hardiness. You will have no problem caring for a Chinese Evergreens (Aglaonemas). They tolerate alack of natural light, and do not need a lot of water. They are ideal for those who sometimes have their heads in the clouds and a bit forgetful. Missing a few days will not kill the plant when it comes to watering. However, for the colour of the foliage to be at its best, try placing it in a warm room like the kitchen.



This plant is unique with the nuances of colours offered by its foliage. Crotons are plants that need a lot of light. They can only flourish if the sun shines brightly on them. The best place for this plant is on a window ledge with a good south or southwest exposure.


The Hoya

If you are looking for a houseplant that will produce pretty flowers while being easy to care for, the Hoya Carnosa Compacta is a wise choice, thanks to its small bouquets of flowers and elegant leaves. It is a climbing plant that can flourish around any frame. If you go for a vertical stand, it will grow tall and wrap around. You will just love the pastel colours of its flowers, and its green leaves will bring out its somewhat wild appearance.

Hoyas also come in cute heart shapes too, like this one from The Watering Can in Norwich. They sell the cute boob pot too!

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Jade is a fairly well-known houseplant. You will have certainly seen her in the house of a friend of yours. This plant is of Australian origin, and it has become popular due to its elegant appearance. It is also easy to maintain since it does not need a lot of water to flourish.

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Whilst most of these plants are not toxic to pets, if ingested they could cause mild to moderate symptoms so it’s best to contact your vet immediately if you suspect your cat or dog has had a nibble on them.

We keep ours either hanging or in tall plant stands so they are well off the ground and out of temptations way. Check and remove dead leaves regularly, just in case.

Looking for inspiration? Check out this class: Plants at home: Uplift your Spirit and your Space on Skillshare.

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