9 Gorgeous Gifts for Dog Mamas You Will Love

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I love the fact Dolly gives me a gift every year for Mother’s Day.  Okay, I know she doesn’t actually go to the shops, but she is brilliant at shopping online. Imagine what a dog could do if it had thumbs…. But that’s another story.

Talking of stories, I reached out to the dog mum community and asked “What does being a dog mum mean to you?

Corrie and Bella

Corrie & Bella

Being a Dog Mommy has made my daily life more bearable since the children have grown and moved out. Were happy to see each other every morning when I get home from work, we snuggle up and sleep next to each other after I cook all of us breakfast & run in the field. They are my world & I can’t imagine being in it without them.

Suzanne Erick and Ally

Suzanne, Erick and Ally

“...The world! I became a dog mum when my depression got so bad I was contemplating suicide. But the unconditional love of my first dog Mabel saved me. Being a dog mum means I get to repay her love back to all the dogs that have come after her and who continue to share their love. I’m currently owned by Erick and Ally.

Studies have shown that compared to men, women are twice as likely to develop depression.  Pets have been shown to decrease cortisol and raise hormones like oxytocin, which are linked to happiness and relaxation and being greeted by a wagging tail every day has to be one of the best mood boosters I know.

The Ruffle Snuffle mat song - turn ...
The Ruffle Snuffle mat song - turn it up and sing along!
Kate and Pops

Kate and Poppy

Being a dog mum means the world to me. My two girls make every day an absolute pleasure with their constant entertainment, unconditional love and companionship. I feel like the luckiest person in the world when I’m in their company.

Cardiovascular disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 women’s deaths each year.  I nearly joined this statistic in 2016 after I suffered a massive stroke from a vary rare condition (spontaneous bilateral carotid arterial dissection for those who want the proper term) but by some miracle I survived and made a remarkable recovery. Two of the leading hospitals in the country are flabberghasted at my survival. I feel lucky.

Dolly gave me the extra motivation to go out and try and walk every day, so I don’t know quite how well I would have recovered without her.  Getting out and about with your dog is a great way to get exercise. Whether that is just a stroll around the block, a run across the park or a hike up the hill. It’s good for your blood pressure and good for your heart.

Becky and Buddy

Becky and Buddy

Being a dog mum for me is about being responsible for another life and doing everything I can to make sure that that life is as fulfilled and happy as possible. I don’t have any children yet and Buddy is the first life that I have been wholly responsible for and I didn’t make that decision lightly 6 years ago.

On a lighter note being a dog mum is all about the unconditional love, the companionship and the pure joy I see in Buddy’s face when he’s running off the lead with his tongue hanging out and bounding towards me. Buddy is the most sensitive empathetic dog I have ever known so he is always ready with cuddles when I have tough times and my life feels fuller with him in it“. 

Being a dog mum does get you more social interaction. Whether that’s online sharing cute pictures and funny stories, or going out and about for a coffee and ‘yappy’ hour at a dog-friendly bar. Researchers have found that strangers offer more help, smiles and friendly glances to people with dogs.  I’m looking forward to the world opening up again this year after COVID so we can go and explore together again.

Many women would agree that owning a dog brings out a maternal instinct in them and they treat them just like a child. So here are 11 gorgeous gifts your furkid can spoil you with on Mother’s Day.

Personalised Mug £12.99 from The Cosy Mug Co

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You can never have too many mugs. These cute mugs are totally personalised from front to back. The dog, the person and even the message is bespoke on every mug. You can have up to four people or animals on the 11oz ceramic mug that’s also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Best Dog Mom Ever Cushion Cover £14.99 from Mugged Off

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A bit like mugs, I do love a cushion. This fun cushion cover  ( 30cm x 30cm) can be personalised from your dog, just for you, on Mother’s Day.  You can snuggle up together next to it and watch our dog-friendly boxsets. And don’t worry if you spill your wine on it, as it’s quick and easy to clean.

Pet Portrait Necklace £14 from Mignon and Mignon


This has to be one of the nicest presents a dog mum can receive.  Often purchased as a memorial item, I would wear it all the time. Great value, beautifully made and available in Brass, Gold, Rose gold, Silver and  Stainless steel. 20 breeds to choose from, including, of course, a French Bulldog!

Because the Dog Farted Soy Candle £13.99 from  YR Candles in Somerset


As a Frenchie mum I have experienced my fair share of bottom burps from Dolly. Although to be fair to her, she only does them when she’s eaten human food ( like ham) so she’s not that stinky day-to-day. But this candle put a smile on my face so it’s on my list of perfect gifts.

Paw Prints Silver Ring  £22 from Raspberry Ripple Gifts


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous… I want one of these! A sterling silver wrap ring engraved with your dog’s name and paw prints. 

Custom Pet Family Portrait £25 – £150  from Beautiful Gifts

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Using a photo as the origin, these custom portraits make a great gift. Available as a digital file, wrapped canvas or fine art print you can choose a size to suit you. What a lovely way to celebrate your special relationship with your dog.

Family Tree £45  from The Little Craft Space Company


What a unique idea for showing all the family and your furkids together.  Swarovski crystals add a little bit of sparkle and bling to this 3 dimensional gift. Comes in a gift box and ribbon wrap making it a perfect Mother’s Day present.

Dachshund Rolling Pin £23 Algis Crafts

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This is so adorable and fun to bake with. I have a rolling pin that has Reindeer shapes embossed in it and it makes brilliant biscuits at Christmas. Try this one with one of my dog cookie recipes and bake up some cookies together for Mother’s Day.

Pet Fur Locket £23 from MASKeradeUK

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Take a lock of your pet’s hair, choose a background and then MASKeradeUK will make a silverplated glass pendant for you to wear and cherish.