The Top 5 Pet Apps You Need To Download Today

top 5 pet apps

Everyone is always looking for ways to make their lives easier. One way to do this is by downloading apps on your phone to save you time or keep you organised. There is an app for everything, and there are some brilliant apps that help you with pet care in one way or another that I’ve been checking out. 

Here are my Top 5 Pet Apps that I recommend you download today!

The Concierge App – Priority Pet – Subscription £9.95 a month

The Priority Pet App is a new startup that helps busy pet parents get everything they need for their pets in one place.

priority pet

Across the globe, many people have busy lives and being able to properly care for your pets can be challenging. This makes it difficult to know what products or services you’ll need so that you can be sure that your pet is well cared for while you’re at work or when you’re busy with other things.

Priority Pet aims to provide a solution to this problem by providing an easy-to-use platform in which members are provided one point of contact who will take care of all their needs – from vet visits, doggy daycare and dog walking to pet sitting, grooming and transporting – your own Pet Pro Personal Assistant.

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The app also offers the use of a Televet service 24/7 at no cost to members. This means if its 3am on a Sunday morning and your little Yorkie isn’t feeling too good, you can speak with a veterinarian without worry!

Membership costs £9.95 per month.

How does the Priority Pet app work?

It’s simple – download the app, create an account, and profile each of your pets. Details include your vets, medical records, invoices and a wallet. 

To find a service, click on an icon and enter the information requested. Your Priority Pet personal assistant will then find the services that match your requirements and pop them in your inbox within 24 hours.

How does the app rank and review the services your Personal Assistant recommends to users?

The approach is multi-layered. As a first step, their algorithm calculates a score for each business based on the digital footprint and online reviews. Then, with a narrowed down search, the Pet Pros do manual validation checks, before recommending a business to the customer, based on their specific requirements and profile. 

Why did you decide to create this pet app?

“There’s such a big range of great pet apps available – from dog-walking apps, to training, grooming and even televets. And of course, there’s Google.

Unfortunately, this can be super overwhelming and time consuming so people often default to what their close circle of friends/neighbours recommend.

The downside of this is that they only know of a limited number of suppliers and service providers, missing out on a myriad of great pet businesses (and potential savings.)

We do everything all those different pet apps do, in one place – a “one stop shop” for pet parents.

And, of course, with the added convenience of having someone (your very own personal assistant) do the legwork for you – so whether you’re time constrained, busy, or just totally unsure of where to start, you have that personal level of support.”

Jana Van Der Westhuizen – Founder

What we love:

  • Dedicated personal assistant available 24/7
  • Free Televet access
  • There’s no need to spend hours scrolling through endless pet-related websites and searching for reviews
  • There are special offers and discounts from top pet brands
  • You can manage key dates and details of your pet’s health with smart notification reminders
  • Fast response and great suggestions from the Pet Pro
  • Simple user interface
  • You can ask them for help with anything pet related – a real concierge service for your pet

Download the app

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The Community App – K9 Nation – £Free

K9 Nation is a great free tool for dog owners to access a whole host of information. Whether they are looking for new ideas for days out and places to walk, a place to connect with other dog owners or you are looking to find dog-friendly products and services in the K9 Nation Marketplace.

k9 nation

Any dog owner can use the site to find reviews on local businesses such as vets, trainers, or walkers. The app also has an interactive community that allows users to message and chat about topics relevant to dog parents.

The app is a great impartial resource and is driven by community member reviews and contributions. It is built by dog owners for dog owners.

How does the K9 Nation app work?

Download the app, create an account and add you and your pets’ details. You can add friends too to chat too, and upload your photos to an album. Browse the categories to find walks and chat with others on the social platform.

You can become an K9 Ambassador to help spread the word. Apply on the website. They also run an annual K9 Clean Up campaign to target littering on streets parks and beaches.

Why did you decide to create this pet app?

“I created the app after I got my dog Buddy. I found it was difficult to get access to all the information I needed in one place so I wanted to create a free app so that dog owners could have everything they need at their fingertips to help them live their lives with their dogs in the way they choose.

I wanted to create a free and trusted resource dog owners could rely on as well as a supportive community.”  

Becky Baker – Founder

What we love

  • Great user interface 
  • Lots of content already on the app for walks and more being added
  • Active community
  • Lots of helpful articles and blogs contributed by experts
  • K9 Marketplace has a growing catalogue of pet products
  • Looking forward to seeing this app and the community growing.

Download the app

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The Vet Care App – Joii Pet Care £24 per consult

Joii Pet Care is an app developed by Leeds-headquartered Research and Development company Vet-AI, which launched in spring 2019 to tackle the rising costs of vet care. It offers pet owners affordable and convenient access to remote consultations with real vets and nurses, via their smartphones.

The app gives a ‘111’ triage service and also has a free innovative symptom checker, as well as signposting owners to physical vet practices.

joii pet care

Joii Pet Care also supports the welfare of animals through charity work. The company is currently supporting Thin Blue Paw – a charity created this year to support retired police dogs and Dogs for Autism – a charity providing assistance dogs to those who need them. The company offers free vet consultations for the dogs involved and raises awareness of these causes to their community of engaged and passionate pet owners.

“The good news is that because of the technology at our disposal now, digital vet-tech services can open up options for affordable access to high-quality veterinary advice.

The ‘111’ service for human healthcare gives access to great medical advice remotely and the same is true of veterinary consultations.”

Co-founder Paul Hallett

How does the Joii Pet Care app work?

Download the app and create your pet’s profile. Upload the photos you’d like the vet to see before your video call consultation. The vet will give clinical advice, diagnosis and a treatment plan. You can then have the vet recommended products delivered straight to your door.

What we love

  • Simple to use interface
  • Also offers free health clinics on dental, weight management and grooming by vet nurses
  • Free puppy and kitten checks
  • Detailed information given on the consult about what the matter is and the treatment
  • You can buy the products you need straight away and have them delivered and at a reasonable price
  • Quick, professional, helpful

Download the app

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The Doggy Travel App – Dog Furiendly – £Free

This app is dedicated to travelling with your dog. You can find dog-friendly things to do, places to eat and drink or somewhere to stay with your dog in the UK and Ireland. Dog owners can leave reviews and are empowered to share their favourite recommendations and give them a ‘paw rating’. It’s the TripAdvisor of the dog world.

dog furiendly

A dog’s life is way too short, and many will spend it at home waiting for their human to come back from work or the pub. The new app from Dog Furiendly means leaving the dog at home is a thing of the past. Owners can now include the dog in any travel plans, creating more memories to cherish together. 

For so many people, dogs have been a great support throughout the pandemic. Now that things are opening back up, it would be unfair to leave them at home while you go out and have fun. They deserve the same love and support that they gave us. This new app means you can always be together. 

How does the Dog Furiendly app work?

Download the app and create a profile about yourself. Then, browse through accommodation, places to eat and drink, things to do, events and dog services and dog walks. You can search for places near you and the location and filter them by distance and rating. If you find accommodation, you can book it directly from the app.

If you review 25 places that you have visited you’ll be awarded a Canine Critic badge. And we don’t mean a digital one, we mean a cute button badge that you’ll be sent that you can pop on your dog’s bandana. How cool is that?

If you really love exploring and writing, then why not apply for their ‘Canine Explorer’ role? Applications are open now, where in exchange for sniffing out new locations you can earn treats and prizes.

Why did you decide to create this pet app?

“I created this tail-wagging travel platform to support my Chihuahua cross Charlie who, like 85% of dogs in the UK, suffers from separation anxiety!

Like other dog owners I felt extremely guilty when leaving him at home. Not only that, but my adventures never felt quite right without him. After all, he’s my best friend and my furry child! So, I vowed to take him out with me as much as possible.

I created Dog Furiendly, a travel platform and app filled with dog friendly places.

Adele Pember, Founder

What we loved 

  • Easy bright, colourful interface
  • Great map feature allowing you to search
  • Lots of content already 
  • Useful daily guides and articles 

Download the app

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The Londoners – Web App – WAGIT £Free

Created by Nadia Leguel, Wagit, is the London-based online booking platform for dogs and their humans. It’s not a phone app as such, but you can easily save the website as a shortcut on your phone, so it looks like an app. I thought this service was great so I included it in my top 5 pet apps.


Wagit has sniffed out the best places to go for drinks, food and grooms in London. Now, not only can you book these services, but you can also book a dog-friendly taxi via the site thanks to their new partnership with Addison Lee.

WagIt was founded by Nadia Leguel and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lola in 2020. An Italian, living in London, Nadia has worked in hospitality for years and Lola’s ears dropped every time she went into an establishment with Nadia and the staff weren’t very accommodating. So, WagIt was born.

WagIt membership is completely free and the service is revolutionary for dog loving Londoners as the area has seen the biggest regional spike in dog ownership, up by 84% in 2020 (Quotezone 2021), with a whopping 1 in 4 dog owners buying a pandemic puppy (Kennel Club 2021). The demand has never been higher for accessible dog-friendly services.

Why did you decide to create this pet app?

“I’m Nadia: I live and work in London and have been proud to call Lola, the King Charles Cavalier, my canine companion for 10 years.

London is a fantastic place to live and work, but trying to find social venues that are all-embracing of dogs – or even just booking a shampoo for Lola without having to call someone directly – can be tricky.

I’m passionate about making things simple for people that have a dog in their lives. Inspiring them to discover the best dog-inclusive venues, and book them in a few taps on their phone.”

Nadia Leguel, Founder

What we love

  • Focuses on London
  • Great interface that works well on mobile
  • Fun blog with ideas of places to try 

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed my list of the top 5 pet apps for pet owners and feel a little more prepared to manage your pup’s life. Now it’s time to download these awesome tools so you can take care of all your pets needs on-the-go! Whether you need help finding a walker, groomers, products or want to find a vet near-by – we’re sure one of these will come in handy. So what are waiting for? Download them today and start living easier as a pet owner with less stress!

P.S. After researching and writing up this article, I have realised that four out of five of these apps were created by amazing women! 

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