12 Unique Gift Ideas for Every Cat Mum You Know

gifts for cat mums

One thing that every cat mum can’t get enough of is more cats – to love one means to love them all!

That said, if you know someone who already has a cat (or a lot of them), then you could consider giving them some unique cat-themed gifts – they’ll not only use it but also enjoy having them.

Sure, not everyone would be ready to splurge on expensive gifts like designer cat furniture, but you could definitely go for something like a cat and butterfly candle shade or paw engraved necklace. These gifts can be easy on your pockets and something that the cat mum will definitely appreciate.

Well, these were just a couple of examples; in this article, we’ve put together more such affordable cat-related gifts that you can give a cat mum.

Let’s take a look!

A Paw Print Engraved Necklace

An excellent way to help a cat mum keep her four-legged friend close to her heart, a paw print engraved necklace can be one of the best gifts you could give her.

All you need to do is send an impression of her cat’s paw or a photo and the jewelery shop will work their magic!

gifts for cat mums paw print necklace

An Incredible VR Experience

Although this isn’t exactly a cat-themed gift, letting her indulge in one of the best VR experiences is sure to bring a smile on her face!

After all, even she deserves to enjoy some “me-time” and what better way to do that than helping her participate in a crazy, adrenaline-filled VR experience at one of the best arcades near her area.

A Disney Aristocats Figurine

Everyone wants to be a cat, even Jim Shore… and why wouldn’t they – cats get to laze around the whole day, doing nothing!

Well, the reason why we’re saying this is because our next gift is a Disney Aristocat figurine that’s not only carved by heart but also hand painted. This is, in fact, one such gift that a cat mum can either use as a home decor or keep it in her workplace.

An Elegant Cat Toy

Yes, just like dogs, cats too love to play and have a knack for destroying toys.

That said, make sure you’re purchasing soft toys made from high quality material – your cat will not only enjoy tossing it around but you can rest assured that it’ll last longer than usual.

A Fancy Cat Collar

Do you remember the cat collar worn by Snowbell in the movie Stuart Little?

Yes, you could consider getting something like that for a cat mum like this gingham one with matching bowtie on Etsy. Not only does it come with a sophisticated design that’s easy on the cat’s neck but also has a tiny bell attached to it. 

You can hear your furry baby as they trot towards you for a cuddle session (you’re lucky if your cat does that!).

gifts for cat mums cat collar and bow tie

An Adorable Cat Face Mask

Help the cat mum you know live her feline fantasy by giving her a cute cat face mask that comes with whiskers and a heart-shaped nose.

While you need to ensure that the mask looks cute, you also need to see to it that it’s comfortable enough and comes with a two-layer protection – after all, we’re still dealing with a pandemic!

gifts for cat mums cat face mask

A Kitty Lamp or Candle Shade

Let the cat mum induce a calm sense of well being in her home with a candle shade or kitty lamp, which casts a soft, ambient light across the room.

All they have to do is either backlit the shade using a tea light or use a battery powered LED base to illuminate the room – this will then display the three dimensional design that’s there on the shade.

A Coffee Mug Covered In Cats

Let’s bring in the cats…

No, we’re not talking about the real ones; we’re talking about ceramic coffee mugs that are covered in a parade of purrfectly cute kittens showing off their skills. This mug can be an amazing way for the cat mum to kick start her mornings!

A Frond Cat Tree

Giving a frond cat tree to a cat mum is more like giving a gift to her furry friend itself – the cat can easily perch, climb and scratch on it.

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With several tree options to choose from, the frond one is the best of all, as it lets the cat hang out in a place that’s off the ground and watch what the hoomans are up to.

We’re sure that the cat, more than its mum, will love this gift!

A Pair of Cat Earrings

Just like the paw print necklace, a pair of cat earrings is also one way for the cat mum to keep her pet close to heart whenever she leaves the house. 

Not only that, these sophisticated earrings can be worn on any outfit – whether it’s for work, a day out with colleagues or a dinner party with friends, these earrings are sure to look good on her.

gifts for cat mums cat earrings

A Cat Shaped Candle

A cute a cat shaped candle can also be a really good gift for the cat mum made from 100% beeswax.

It sure is as cosy and helps fill the entire room with an amazing fragrance. So every time they come home from a busy day, they can simply light up this candle and create a soothing atmosphere for themselves to relax in.

gifts for cat mums cat candle

A Beautiful Set of Cat Coasters

Help the cat mum get rid of those mismatched coasters that keep wrinkling up every time a drink is spilled – instead give her a beautiful set of cat coasters that are well made, long lasting and protect the surfaces from all the cat cuteness!

This not only works as the best cat-themed gift but can also be used as a housewarming present or perhaps a little something for your friend.

To Sum Up

These were our top 12 gift ideas that you could use for all the cat mums you know!

However, there are more such ideas available on the internet that you could choose from. Just make sure you’re going for something that you know the cat parent will love and actually use.

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