20 Unique no carve pumpkin decorating ideas : Halloween fun

20 Unique No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Now that it’s October, it is time to start thinking about decorating your home for Halloween, and by decorating, I mean pumpkins! What if I told you that there are so many creative pumpkin decorating ideas that don’t include using a knife?! It’s true! No-carve pumpkins have become the “it” thing this year and are pretty easy to make for all the family.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we have gathered 20 Unique No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for you. In most cases, all you need is some paint and a few embellishments, or if you want to get super innovative, we even found a pumpkin decorated with melted crayons. So mind your fingers if you make that one. There is a little something for everyone here. So grab your pumpkin spiced latte and get reading.

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

1. Baby Yoda Pumpkin from Fun Money Mom. This one uses little styrofoam pumpkins ( from the Dollar Store in the US) but you’ll probably find something similar in the UK or just use a little gourd.

2. Black And White Glam Pumpkin from A Pumpkin And A Princess. Decorated with rhine stones, a witches hat and a bow this one is really glam. ( There’s a picture in the pinterest graphic below).

3. Book Page Pumpkins from All Things Heart And Home. For a rustic country look, try this pumpkin. Covered with old book pages, leaves and feathers they make brilliant pumpkins.

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4. Cactus Pumpkins from Aww Sam. Not the first thing you’d think of when decorating a pumpkin but it works!

5. Colourful Harlequin Painted Pumpkins from DIY Candy. Rubber bands and your paintbrush are all you need to make these! ( Pic 8 above).

6. DIY No Carve Popcorn Pumpkin from Aww Sam who made this brilliant pumpkin for movie lovers. ( There’s a picture in the pinterest graphic below).

7. DIY No Carve Spider Web Pumpkin from Pink Peppermint Design. Messy fun with glue and glitter to make this sparkling spooky design. I love the plastic spider touch too. ( There’s a picture in the pinterest graphic below).

8. Easy Metallic Patterned Painted Pumpkins from Small Stuff Counts. Super easy ones these, and can be decorated using metallic pens and sharpies.

9. Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin from The Merry Thought makes a really lovely table centrepiece. A drill and some fresh flowers make this a floral arrangement with a difference. ( Pic 4 , top right above).

10. Frozen Elsa Pumpkin from A Pumpkin And A Princess is a must for all Disney Frozen fans. Glittery spray paint, rhinestones and topped with tiara. I think I might have to make one of these.( There’s a picture in the pinterest graphic below).

11. Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin from Unoriginal Mom. Made in twenty minutes if you’re in a hurray. Grab your Cricut or Brother Scan’n’Cut machine to make a stencil and spray away with your paint. ( First pic, bottom left above).

12. Hand Lettered Painted Pumpkin from By Dawn Nicole who has steady hand to beautifully decorate this pumpkin.( There’s a picture in the pinterest graphic below).

13. Magical Unicorn Pumpkin from Happy Go Lucky who uses all her favourites to make this truly pretty magical pumpkin. (Pic no 3 top row above, as if you couldn’t tell).

14. Melted Crayon Pumpkins from Dream A Little Bigger. Colourful rainbows dribble down your pumpkin with the help from a hairdryer! Who knew you could make something so fun. But not for little ones without supervision as both hairdryer and crayons get hot. ( Pic 7, bottom row above).

15. Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkin from A Night Owl Blo is an easy and fun one to make -you could even use glow in the dark paint for the base on these.

16. Rainbow Heart Pumpkin from Happiness Is Homemade is really cute and can be made using shop bought vinyl stickers or cut from your own machine (Cricut or Brother Scan’n’Cut) at home with the handy svg file supplied. Thanks Heidi.

17. Sharpie Art Pumpkins from Design Dazzle gives you loads of inspiration on how to transform the humble pumpkin into a doorstopping trick or treat decoration. ( Pic 3, top row above).

18. Simple Sparkly Skeleton Pumpkin from Mod Podge Rocks takes a little effort for a great result. Glittery or not, you can choose.( There’s a picture in the pinterest graphic below).

19. Squeeze Paint Pumpkins from Hello, Wonderful. Similar to the crayons but this time it’s paint dribbling fun and plenty of mess! ( There’s a picture in the pinterest graphic below, top left).

20. Tribal Inspired Pumpkins from The Crafted Sparrow gives a more sophisticated look to your pumpkin. Use animal inspired prints to make your marks for a truly tribal experience.( Pic 1 above).

Well I’m sure you’ve found something great within this list. I know I have. We’re taking part in our pumpkin trail around the village this year. Maybe you could organise one for where you live?

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If you do carve a pumpkin, don’t forget there are lots of things you can do with the insides you scrape out and the pieces you’ve carved off. There are many benefits of pumpkin to your pets and some yummy recipes for homemade pumpkin treats too.

Happy Halloween!

20 Unique No Carve Pumpkin Ideas