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simple pumpkin carving ideas

Pumpkin carving has evolved into major art. Nowadays, it seems as if neighbours are secretly competing to see who can carve the most intricate pumpkin, making some who have close to no carving skills feel somewhat intimidated.

simple pumpkin carving ideas fun

Even so, carving pumpkins is not necessarily about showing off what a talented carver one can be. It is about having fun and being creative.

Here are some extremely simple pumpkin carving ideas for everyone, involving only imagination, pencil and paper, some pumpkin carving tools (or small carving knife), a bowl for the insides of the pumpkin, a spoon to scrape the pumpkin clean, a dark marker, and an adult to carve the pumpkin. Don’t forget that pumpkin is really good for your dog and we have some recipes and games for you can use up the leftover pumpkin.

Traditional Jack-o-Lantern

Anyone who watches the annual showing of “The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” remembers the scene where Lucy draws a jack-o-lantern face in black marker onto Charlie Brown’s head. The pattern she draws, somewhat scary, is typically what comes to mind when thinking off a traditional jack-o-lantern.

jack o lantern

The only items needed to create a traditional jack-o-lantern are a dark marker (for drawing the pattern), some pumpkin carving tools or a knife, a bowl for the insides of the pumpkin, and a spoon to scoop up the insides of the pumpkin.

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Think of a face to draw on the pumpkin after gutting and cleaning it out. Draw the eyes, the nose, and the mouth or just eyes and a mouth.

Make up a design. Draw a toothless grin, a triangle nose, and circle eyes. Draw two ovals for the eyes, a circle for a nose, and a larger circle for the mouth (making a surprised face or one that looks like it is saying, “boo!”).

Carving a traditional jack-o-lantern is fun and easy. If little kids are around, let them draw the faces, and have an adult carve them out.

Be sure to carve on the inside of the lines. This is a great way to carve pumpkins; it involves imagination and no hard patterns to figure out.

Create A Pirate Patch

This is another neat idea. Buy three or more, different shape and size pumpkins. Think about what pirates look like and draw simple pictures of pirate faces on a piece of paper.

Pick which faces to use on the pumpkins, and draw them using a marker. Remember, keep it simple. Make a one-eyed pirate, with a patch and a spooky grin. Make another goofy pirate, with a one tooth smile, and make a third with a small beard, squinty eyes, and a crazy smile.

pumpkin carving

If any rags or hats that resemble pirate hats are laying around the house, place them on top of the pumpkins (as long as there is no candle burning inside the pumpkin).

Perhaps these pirates could be placed side by side in a small wagon or on steps leading up to the door. Make up some silly pirate faces, and enjoy carving.

Pac-Man and the Ghosts

Pac-man is a classic 1980’s game, and this carving has become a personal tradition for the last four years. When people see it, they cannot help but smile and comment. It is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Get two or three pumpkins. Draw a medium Pac-man on one pumpkin and cut it out. On a second pumpkin, draw a ghost (just the ghost shape) and carve. If there is a third pumpkin, carve out a medium-size circle.

Pac Man pumpkins from Indestructibles.com

Once the carvings have been finished, place Pac-man in front of the circle and the ghost. This makes it look as if he is chasing the ghost.

This is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, it is something different and extremely easy to do.

Treat Filled Pumpkin

If carving a pumpkin just seems to be too much effort, simply hollow out a pumpkin and use it as a treat basket for trick-or-treaters.

pumpkin carving 2

Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin, be sure to clean it out extremely well, and then place a towel (or paper towels) around the inside just so the treats don’t get any remaining pumpkin goo on them. Place the sweets in the pumpkin, and set it out on the porch.


Another idea is to cut a large hole in the front, clean out the pumpkin, and place the sweets inside. Better still, cut the pumpkin in half (if it is large enough). Clean out the halves, and fill them with treats. Place the halves on top of stools on both sides of the door, and let trick-or-treaters pick which to choose from.

The most important thing to remember when carving pumpkins is to have fun and be creative.

Note: Always remember to properly vent the top of the pumpkin by cutting a slight triangle shape. Also, all of these carving ideas require the pumpkin to be gutted prior to carving. Be safe, adults supervise children and do the cutting for young children.

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