The Average Monthly Cost of Owning a Dog in the UK

cost of owning a small dog uk

We all agree that having a pet enriches our lives, but having a dog as a companion animal is very special. For older people, it can often be the motivation they require to keep walking and active day-to-day. However, an animal is expensive to keep, and when our dog requires medical attention it can often strain the budget, and this is when paying for emergencies, short-term loans from now loan can help you with the vet bill.

The cost of owning a dog can vary enormously depending on the size of the dog. When you purchase the dog, particular breeds are super expensive to buy ( like a French Bulldog), and adopting a rescue dog can be around £500 to £1,000 for everything you need to get started. For the purpose of today’s discussion, we will base the cost on a small dog. The benefits of owning a dog are numerous and some of them are:

* Increased physical activity for the owner

* An increase in cardiovascular health

* Gives the owner a purpose in life

* Enhances social connectedness, and you will make new friends

* Great companions, for those who don’t go out much.

Adopting a Small Dog

Once you adopt your small dog, the ownership fees in the UK can total about £1,8×00 a year, and the average small dog will live for about 13 years. If you live in the USA it can cost you around $1200 a year, with the first year being the most expensive, for setup costs and necessities.

Purchasing Your Dog in the UK

Two of the most popular dogs are Border Collies at (£600) and Jack Russell Terriers at (£800). Once you have purchased or rescued your dog, some of the other expenses are:

  • Vaccination
  • Microchipping
  • Collar
  • Lead and ID tag
  • Dog bed
  • Kennel
  • Feed bowls
  • Rain Coat
  • Dog Chews
  • Food
  • Grooming

These days many dogs have a specially formulated science diet to keep them healthy and strong, and this adds to the monthly cost. The cost for the right food for your dog can be as much as £1000 if you are feeding on a raw diet for example. Add in some high-quality dog treats another £120 a year.

You probably haven’t considered medical bills, but dogs, like people, become ill and if your dog requires special care it can be expensive, and paying for emergencies can stretch the budget. If this happens a short-term loan could be the option to restore your pet to good health.

How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost?

Taking out dog insurance is not usually an option as this can add at least 25 pounds a month to your budget, so it is good to know that short-term loans are available to you in an emergency situation.

Vet bills are a professional service, as a doctor for your dog, and therefore can only go up, as you are paying for medical expertise. If it is a bone or joint condition that you are seeking help for this is very expensive, and if you have an older dog there are even vets who specialise in animal cardiology. We haven’t taken any of these expenses into an account when bringing your dog home and some of them are:

* Annual examination £60

* Vaccinations (ongoing) £268

* Heartworm Tests and Prevention £127

* Dental Clean and Scale £150

* Spay ] £250

* Male Neutering £175

Housing Your Dog in the UK

Due to the freezing winters, your dog will probably be sleeping in the house with you. However, if you are in a slightly warmer area he may have a kennel in the garden. A basic dog kennel ready for occupancy starts at about £100, and you will need to purchase a sheepskin rug to keep him warm at night. Sheepskin rugs that are fully washable start at about £120 each. At least if the dog sleeps in the house he may be able to sleep on the bed with you or in his own bed in the same room. If you live alone, this will help you to sleep better knowing that he will bark if he hears a noise.

If you have any fur allergies you will be better off with a dog that doesn’t shed, like a Poodle as they won’t cause an allergic reaction. Poodles are amazingly intelligent dogs and make excellent companions.

Going on Your Holidays

When you go on holiday, the chances are that you probably won’t be able to take your dog with you, and will have to board him in the local kennels. The daily rate of boarding your pet can be between £30-50 a day. So if you have a family member to leave him with, this is a much better option. There are some resorts where you can take your pet with you, but most of them are quite costly.

Paying for Emergencies

Emergencies like being run over, are very distressing to the pet owner, and at a time like that, you just want the best care for your pet.

Dogs need to be taken out on a leash, when walking as if they run across a road suddenly, chances are they will be hit by a car. If that happened to your dog, and he needed major surgery, you wouldn’t hesitate to take out the right loan to restore him to health. This sort of situation can leave you £2,000 out of pocket, so taking one of the short-term loans available is a good option. This may never happen, but it is nice to know that the option is there to bring you peace of mind.


As you can see the cost of owning a dog does add up, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. You will always have your companion and will get your daily exercise in walks to the park and back. If you have children, a dog bestows even greater benefits, as they could learn firsthand the responsibilities of pet ownership.