What We Can Learn From Our Pets About Relationships

Pets and their influence on healthy relationships

In any relationship, many things will contribute to ensuring you remain close and committed to each other. Constant communication, from serious discussions to jokey texts. Sharing occasions. Offering unexpected gifts. But a lesser appreciated aspect can be how fantastic pets can be for boosting your feelings. The trouble with animals is they all too easily get taken for granted! Here we’re going to describe why your furry, feathered or scaled friends can have such a positive impact on your relationship. 

The pet effect on a mental health

From colorful fish drifting around in aquariums, dogs providing an excellent excuse to enjoy the outdoors, to cats, gerbils and hamsters giving you a warm glow as you stroke their fur, pets are so beneficial for well-being. Let’s take the example of dogs. Regardless of whether your companion is a Great Dane or a plucky Chihuahua, they will require exercising. What better excuse for regular outings, exploring the scenery on your doorstep, with your loyal companion in tow?

Two-legged creatures also require physical activity to burn calories and maintain cardiovascular health, which is a win-win situation for both parties. A fact of life is that good physical health equates to mental positivity. Dog owners might occasionally feel that their daily sorties can become a bind, especially when it’s cold or wet outside.

But that’s simply part of the adventure – it’s all about getting fresh air in your lungs and staying in high spirits as your pet chasing after objects you’ve thrown. Cats may be less energetic, but having these adoring creatures purring around can be such a comfort.

How animals teach us to love each other

When it comes to searching for a human soulmate, it might be worthwhile taking a leaf out of your pet’s book. If you’ve sometimes found it awkward to connect with someone truly compatible, perhaps you’ve asked yourself the question: why is looking for a date near me such a tricky proposition? Well, it needn’t be. Just think of the way your pet approaches its needs – unassuming but ready to commit when the right person shows up!

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Anyone who has cared for a dog, cat, bird or whatever will eventually develop a strong bond for their animal. Even cold-blooded beasts like snakes will learn to appreciate this person who drops their favorite snacks into their abode now and again! The affection mammals can exude to their owners can become a tight bond, one that becomes reciprocal. This can also teach us so much about other emotional connections.

When it comes to your human relationships, rather than fretting, try to be equally relaxed. A top recommendation would be relying on the convenient and comforting environment of digital dating – online services that provide excellent opportunities to reach out to compatible individuals. You might even come across other pet owners – this would allow you to strike up a rapport immediately!

It seems as if you have a child

For those who have yet to experience the joys of starting a family or who perhaps can’t for biological reasons, pet ownership can become almost like surrogacy. You become responsible for another living creature and must ensure its well-being and health are looked after.

This can become so much more than simply the routine of popping food into the bowl or ensuring fur is kept clean and well-groomed. The process of caring for your pet can become enriching and satisfying.

Just as parents of young children can unite via shared interests – school activities, their child’s sports clubs and so on – being a pet owner provides reasons to congregate and widen your social circle. Cat owners might participate in social media where they share photos of their pets. Dog walkers can use trips to the park as an excuse to interact with their fellow owners.

Spending more time together

Pets give you an excuse to enjoy quality time together. You can chat about places you’d like to visit that are pet-friendly. You’ll also have to take a keen interest in factors that might impact your animal’s well-being – covering everything from diets to ensuring your pet’s welfare is cared for when you and your partner are out. If you’re in a new relationship, another pet being brought into the dynamic can be a bonus.

Wrapping up

Keeping pets is extremely popular – surveys have shown that over 90 million US families own animals. Anyone who has owned a loving pet for any length of time will appreciate how devastating it can be to lose them. Unfortunately, because their lifespans are so much shorter than ours, this eventuality is inevitable. But this makes your time with them even more special. So take a moment to appreciate the joy your pet brings to your life. And just as importantly, to your love life.

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